Challenge You and Your Contemporaries- Welcome!

 Challenge You and Your Contemporaries- Welcome!Challenge you and your contemporaries. Share quotes, share stories, share book topics, share opinions, share love.This Page is about Words!

 Welcome to a place where we share literary content from all sorts of genres and mediums dealing with writing. Such as (and more specifically) novella and historic literary quotes, writing progressions in television works, movie quotes, sections of graphic novels that shaped the face of comic book history and some that never got the luxury of resting between a fans mouth and their friend’s ear. Maybe even hip-hop and metal lyrics you most likely have not got a chance to analyze as of yet. The list and possibilities are endless! But most importantly, it is our duty to share our opinions and challenge our contemporaries to further develop this current image of writing we perceive as of now. We all have different opinions and tastes in writing. So that means we have something to learn from each other. As the page grows, we will grow. Share photos, videos, and pieces of writing, as well as we. But always remember to share your love and gratitude. That’s the best soil.
This Page is About Words